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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business


Applied Knowledge Concepts (AKC) is a Full Service Talent Development Company specializing in Leadership Managerial Training for Government, Corporate, K-12 Teachers and Administrators.

AKC is committed to providing our clients the talent development tools for Managers, Supervisors, Teachers K-12/Administrators, Team Leads to enhance skills relevant to become more effective in their current roles or advancement into new roles within the organization.

Regardless of the type of organization (Military, Corporate, Government, Secondary Education) Leaders are relied on to drive strategic direction. Their understanding of the importance of properly communicating the connection between front line tasks and strategic plans and the understanding of the various tools for motivating employees will increase commitment/dedication to organizational goals.

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The Benefits Of Leadership Training

  • Increase productivity. The right, consistent leadership can increase the productivity of your people

  • Retain your people

  • Nurture future leaders

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Implement the correct leadership style for the situation

  • Improved conflict management and decision making

Our Services

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Leadership & Managerial Training - Development Plans

Government and Corporate leadership development courses or specialized training tracks designed to strengthen/develop core leadership  competencies and identify opportunities to enhance individual professional development with a targeted action plan.

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Teacher Professional Development Training Courses

We offer professional development courses for K-12 educators. Effective professional development enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills they need to address students' learning challenges. 


Additional Tools/Services

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Competency Assessments

  • 360 Assessments

  • Process Improvement

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Interview Training / IT Services / Military Transition 

  • Behavior Based Interview Training

  • One on One Interview Training

  • Transcription Servicing

  • Custom IT Solutions

  • Military Job Transition Assistance

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135 Hidden Creek Dr. Galloway, Ohio

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